Индикаторы положения клапанов Netherlocks Индикаторы положения клапанов Netherlocks

Currently particular attention is paid to safety ensuring on production facilities of oil and gas, chemical and processing industry by both manufacturers themselves and by special supervisory authorities. The highest requirements are set to the valves used in different technology processes both in terms of product quality and work safety.

Currently there is sufficient quantity of valve position indication devices for staff safety ensuring introduced to the market and one of the most reliable and accurate device is VPI (Valve Position Indicator) made by Netherlocks.

A simple and reliable design of Netherlocks VPI guarantees the highest accuracy and actuality of valve condition information transferred to the control room. VPI devices identify multi turn valve position within the accuracy of 1-2 handwheel turns. In order to achieve the maximum accuracy the mechanical counting mechanism converting information into electrical signal is used in VPI. Currently there are 3 ways of signal transfer to the control room: by communication cable, by Bluetooth or WiFi (up to 300m without signal amplification and repeater).

All Netherlocks VPI devices are custom made according to the requirements of each specific customer and may have many differences in design and arrangement options. Two types of product materials are offered: high quality stainless steel (SS 316) and aluminum. Besides it is possible to manufacture products without a visual LED indication.

Assembly and maintenance

  • The device assembly does not require any drilling or welding;
  • Custom made fasteners reliably fix the indicators on valve;
  • Installation is possible both on new and currently existing valves even on those under pressure;
  • No need in a regular maintenance;
  • Easily adapts to changes of the valve end position resulting from wear;
  • Ideally suits for the valves with automatic actuator and for the valves with up to 2000 rpm.

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