VTO PromTech

VTO PromTech is specialized in packaged supplies of modern process equipment, and advanced world-class technologies customization to meet the needs of the leading companies for transport, oil and gas production and refining, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer manufacturing, and the Customs Union countries energy enterprises.

The company was founded in 2002 as the supplier of spre parts, equimpment and ancillaries for nuclear power enterprises. However over time, the area of company focus changed, followed by the dynamic exploration of oil and gas market. During this period, our company successfully expanded largely in many fields, including: pipeline fittings, pumping and compressor equipment, industrial and hydraulic filters, heat-exchange equipment, steam and condensate equipment, wellhead equipment, pipes, interlock systems, valve position indicators, and specialized equipment for offshore platforms.



Among the main goals for the participants of oil and gas production, processing and chemical industries are the increase in production and processing volumes, facilities energy efficiency improvement, overhaul period increase and maintenance of maximum level of safety and security at the enterprises.
Our number one goal — is providing support for FEC enterprise on the way to the maximum operating efficiency through the introduction and application of advanced technologies at industrial facilities in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. To achieve this goal, the specialists of  VTO PromTech developed equipment supply program for Customs Union countries markets,  which includes advanced technologies and solutions that are actively implemented around the world.


Supply program

The following equipment is included in the Supply program:

  • Industrial Valves 

    This section includes valves manufactured according to ANSI and DIN standards, corresponding to API, ISO and ATEX standards, as well as valves used for pumping cryogenic and aggressive media

  • Pumping Equipment

    Including piston, centrifugal and screw pumps according to API, ISO and ATEX standards

  • Compressor Equipment

    According to API, ISO, ASME, AUSI standards

  • Filtration Equipment

    Including modern industrial and hydraulic filters

  • Heat Transfer Equipment

    Of various designs in compliance with the standards of ASME, PED, API 662 and GOST, etc.

  • Vapor and Condensate Equipment

    Equipment included in this section will allow our customers to achieve a tangible reduction in energy costs, improve reliability and efficiency of process equipment and ensure rational use of energy resources.

  • Equipment for Tank Farms

    Aluminum roofs and pontoons that prevent raw materials from evaporation 

  • Wellhead Equipment

    This section includes: tubing and casing heads, blowout preventers, Christmas tree

  • Interlock Systems and Valve Position Indicators

    Devices that prevent errors in valve switching sequence at hazardous production facilities and allow to easily identify the position of any valve on the line

  • Pipes

    Including extensive range of pipes and pipe fittings of various diameters, lengths and material designs

  • Certification

    All equipment is certified in accordance with the producing countries standards, as well as the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (EAC), State Standards of the Russian Federation and RMRS.



Working with VTO PromTech means highly qualified customer service, thorough elaboration of solutions, qualitative selection of equipment that will solve the task to the fullest degree, service and support, selection of spare parts and components, and precise observance of terms and conditions of supply. Our company’s own staff of service engineers is at your disposal.
We are always glad to offer our customers the most optimal solutions for their production!


Policy in the field of labor protection and industrial safety

We are conscious of the responsibility to the society to create and ensure safe working conditions. One of the main priorities for VTO PromTech is to ensure safety of work, both in the office and at the production facilities of partners and customers.
The goal in the field of labor protection and industrial safety that our company sets for itself is the introduction and implementation of activities that help to reduce risks associated with the work of personnel at hazardous production facilities, providing comfortable working conditions. 
Also, our company embraces policy of ensuring industrial safety for the personnel involved in partner production facilities and our customer sites, and takes appropriate measures to comply with current requirements.