August 30, 2016 Representatives of VTO “PromTech”, Ltd. took part in the Round Table Conference on “Zero Discharge” in Offshore Oil and Gas Production and Environmental Aspects of Shelf Development.

The following subjects were widely discussed in the course of the Conference:

  • Observance of the “zero discharge” principle during oil and gas fields development in the Northern Caspian;
  • Environmental impact assessment during seismic exploration works in the Arctic;
  • Advanced treatment technology for the drilling waste during construction of wells on the continental shelf;
  • Legislative support for the Russian shelf subsurface development for oil and gas;
  • Environmental risk assessment on the shelf;
  • Environmental safety assurance in the development of the Arctic shelf subsoil;
  • Proposals for strengthening the environmental legislation regarding the projects for oil and gas development on the sea shelf.

A talk was given by a number of speakers:

  • LUKOIL representatives;
  • Members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Moscow State University science departments;
  • M-I-SWACO / Schlumberger representative;
  • State Duma Deputy;
  • CJSC NMTs “Informatika Riska”;
  • Non-state educational establishment “Lawtek school”;
  • Representatives of the National Association of Rescue and Environmental Organizations on the part of the Russian Geographical Society and its Expeditionary Center.

VTO “PromTech” Ltd. expresses its sincere gratitude to the round table conference administrators and participants for the opportunity to take part in the event.