Argus Machine Co. Ltd. was established in Canada in 1958 and is engaged in design, production and maintenance of equipment for oil and gas industry. One of the most important areas of its activity is pigging of oil- and gas pipelines. Argus produces the most advanced pigging systems and has various technical solutions; more than 10 patents were obtained such as the international patent for pig launching/receiving valve.

This technology has been successfully used on many oil-and-gas production enterprises providing a great benefit.

Today Argus is one of the leading international manufacturers of cleaning system, emergency shutdown system of oil pipelines and other oil and gas industry equipment. Argus quality assurance program achieved certification according to API Q1 and ISO 9001:2000.

Process of pipeline pigging with the use of ball valves

It is sufficient to install one set of valves (one for launching pigs and one for receiving pigs) and cleaning pigs can be started.

Valves technical specifications

  • Nominal sizes:  from 2" (DN50) up to 12" (DN300)
  • Pressure rating:  from 150 ANSI (PN16) up to 1500 ANSI (PN250)
  • Temperature range of operating medium:  -46˚C ÷ +121˚C
  • Material:  forging steel A350 LF2
  • Internals made of nickel steel are suitable for operating medium containing sulfides
  • Production according to ASME, API, MSS and NACE requirements
  • Cleaning pigs of different shape: needle-shaped, scraping, spherical

Additional equipment

  • Pigs detection system
  • Hydraulic shutoff device
  • Pig signalers
  • Pressure sensors

Очистка нефтегазопроводов скребковыми кранами

Cleaning of oil and gas pipelines with scraping ball valves

Standard gearbox driven pig receiving valve

Кран приема скребка с приводом

Scraper reception with drive through the reducer

ARGUS valves safety and reduce pipeline dirtiness

Comparison of actual volume of ball valves with pig launchers-receivers

Diameter, in (mm) ARGUS valves Pig launchers-receivers
3" (75) 1,5 13. 6
4" (100) 3.02 30.75
6" (150) 9.23 62.86
8" (200) 20.0 98.85

Criteria used for analysis:

  1. Argus valves acc. to ANSI Class 600
  2. Measured 80 launching/receiving systems
  3. Pipelines parameters:
    • 3” pipeline – Ø4” × 72”
    • 4” pipeline – Ø6” × 72”
    • 6” pipeline – Ø8” × 72”
    • 8” pipeline – Ø10” × 72”

Автоматическая система подачи поршней

Scheme of application of automatic piston feed system

Ball valve with automatic pig sending system into pipeline

  • Quick, more effective pipeline cleaning with the help of pigs system without loss of time for pig recharging;
  • Significant reduction of hydrocarbon emission;
  • Possibility of completing equipment with electric or pneumatic actuator;
  • Ideally suitable for remote control that reduces the cost of operation;
  • Significant reduction of maintenance area;
  • Reduced weight and maintenance area enables equipment application on offshore platforms;

Автоматическая система подачи поршней

Application diagram for automatic pig launching system

Close the valve.

Isolating valve on the equalizing pipe shall be in closed position.

Reduce valve pressure by means of opening the blowdown valve.

Unscrew the safety valve on the bonnet in order to indicate that the valve is not pressurized.

Open the bonnet and retrieve the load using a special instrument (to be supplied completed with the valve).

Install the pigs down by the head in the valve and install the load over the pigs.

Close the bonnet and safety valve.

Close the blowdown valve and drainage valve. The isolating valve must be closed (spring return position).

Open the isolating valve on the equalizing pipe.

Check the following for leakage: safety valve, blowdown valve and drainage valve.

Шаровой кран  для очистки нефтегазопровода

Valve special purpose for high pressure

Установленный шаровой кран для очистки

for oil and gas production of alloys and special purpose steel

Установленный шаровой кран для очистки

Installed ball valve for cleaning oil and gas pipeline

High-pressure special-purpose valves for high pressure

for oil and gas production from alloys and steels of special purpose

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