Butterfly valves and Louver dampers

  • Design with single or several plates;
  • Parallel of back acting plates;
  • Disc eccentric or concentric connection with shaft;
  • Shaft end self-adjusting seals;
  • Various designs are available depending on requirements of specific project;
  • Stress-free thermal expansion is considered in the design.
Поворотные затворы футерованные бетоном
Concrete lined butterfly valves. Gas temperature up to 1000°С. Rated diameter up to 4000 mm.
Жалюзийные затворы
Louver damper 4400×4000 mm.
Designed for chemically aggressive gas – Stainless Steel.
Used for control.
Actuator – pneumatic, electric or hydraulic.




Рычажные дисковые затворы



Lever-operated butterfly valve are used for gas line shut-off. Leaktight integrity — 100%.

High degree of leaktight integrity is achieved due to ring sealing element that supports the disk under the weight of main levers upon valve shut-off. Upon valve opening the disk moves away from the seal along the axis, then it turns under the weight of levers until it reaches a position parallel to pipeline axis. Such operation does not wear off the seal. Lever operated butterfly valves can be driven by any type actuator. Together with counterweight or springs they can be used as emergency valves.

Lever-operated butterfly valve is used as safety device for gas supply shortage. Upon pressure loss the valve shuts off the gas line for 5 seconds without using external energy with the help of counterweight.

The valve opens hydraulically.


Жалюзийный затвор

Жалюзийный затвор
DN, mm up to 4000
PN, kg/cm up to 10
Т, °С up to 700


  • Gas tightness up to 100%, air seal
  • Excellent regulating properties
  • With electric or pneumatic actuator
  • Vibration resistance
  • optional: failure reliability

Butterfly valve

Поворотный затвор
DN, mm up to 4000
PN, kg/cm up to 10
Т, °С up to 2000


  • Valves type BD / LD are used for effective shut off or control of gas media.


Goggle valve

Задвижка очковая
Nominal diameter, mm up to 4000
Operating temperature, °С up to 1100
Medium Flue gas, burner gas and other gases

Goggle valves are designed and manufactured for complete 100% and safe isolation of gas pipelines at metallurgical facilities, chemical companies, gas plants and other industrial facilities. The valves undergo inspection, tests and certification in accordance with API 598 standard (American Petroleum Institute).


Goggle valves are suitable for different application conditions (from clean gas at ambient temperature to contaminated aggressive gas at high temperature) and can have open or closed design (with safety guard or without it).

The valve is manufactured in compliance with the strictest requirements which results in product of high quality. The valve has solid welded steel design. The self-contained unit does not require additional support besides the one required for main pipeline support.

Задвижка очковая

The valve consists of three main components:

  • housing: has flanges for erection inside gas pipeline; contains replaceable ring seal;
  • Press plate: one end forms ring seal the other end includes embedded compensator;
  • Goggle plate: has replaceable seals, can freely rotate or move linearly when the seats separate.
Очковая изолирующая задвижка для up toменного газа

Goggle isolating valve, DN 2200 mm, for blast furnace gas. Sealing frame has hydraulic control.

Очковая изолирующая задвижка, Ду 3000 мм

Goggle isolating valve, DN 3000 mm, with gas-tight guard, serve as main isolator (in accordance with safety rules UVV) in gas feed pipe to blast furnace gas boiler. Sealing frame and disks are controlled by electric drive.

Очковые задвижки, Ду 500 мм

Goggle valves, DN 500 mm, without guard. Controlled by pneumatic drive.

Серповидная изолирующая задвижка, Ду 3000 мм

Sickle isolating damper, DN 3000 mm, with hydraulic drive, serves as the main blind upstream blast furnace gas boiler.

ULTRA POMPE S.r.l. gear pumps

The Italian company ULTRA POMPE S.r.l., has 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of gear pumps and has its own production facilities that can meet the ever growing client demand. The company was founded in 1957 and over the past period has become one of the largest and well-known manufacturers of pumping equipment used to transport liquids and emulsions in a wide range of technological processes. The pumps of ULTRA POMPE S.r.l. are produced in accordance with with API 676, ATEX, NACE standards and others.

If you need us to select pumping equipment, please contact us at +7 (495) 668-13-99 or send your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our company’s technicians will be pleased to advise you in regards to the choice of ULTRA POMPE S.r.l. equipment.

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Process interlocking

Механические замки Netherlocks

Accidents on processing industry facilities generally occur due to the procedures which are performed rarely but sometimes cause catastrophic consequences when performed improperly. Startup and shutdown of technology processes, technical maintenance and work shifts handover are common examples of operations where insignificant errors or insufficient alertness of operating staff may cause the severest and very bad consequences.

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Valve Position Indicator

Индикаторы положения клапанов Netherlocks

Currently particular attention is paid to safety ensuring on production facilities of oil and gas, chemical and processing industry by both manufacturers themselves and by special supervisory authorities. The highest requirements are set to the valves used in different technology processes both in terms of product quality and work safety. Currently there is sufficient quantity of valve position indication devices for staff safety ensuring introduced to the market and one of the most reliable and accurate device is VPI (Valve Position Indicator) made by Netherlocks.

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Partial stroke testing is an important element in the structure of procedures ensuring performance monitoring of isolating or ESD valves. Netherlocks FAITH device prevents the risk of valve crossing the preset threshold during the partial stroke test that may cause technology process interruption..

Ideal device for technical maintenance.

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Power Wrench

«Power Wrench» is a portable pneumatic power wrench designed for speeding up performing operations with valves, reduction of operator’s injuries risk and enables to reduce capital investments for valves maintenance. The necessary pressure for the wrench operation is from 4 up to 8 bar while the recommended pressure for the most effective wrench application is 6.5 bar.

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Reciprocating compressors

  • Reciprocating compressor units with cylinder oil lubrication.
  • Reciprocating oil-free compressor units.
Поршневые компрессоры
Поршневые компрессоры
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Centrifugal compressors and air blowers

Центробежные компрессоры и нагнетатели
Центробежные компрессоры и нагнетатели

Field of application

The whole range of gas processing on refineries and chemical production facilities.
Technology processes in crude oil refining and chemical production facilities.

Operational capabilities
API, ISO, ASME, AUSI standards.
Discharge pressure up to 45 MPa
Capacity is up to 1 000 000 m3/h.

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Screw-type compressors

Винтовые компрессоры
Винтовые компрессоры
  • Oil immersed screw-type compressors (single-stage/two-stage, tandem and multistage). Capacity is up to 15 000 m3/h. Discharge pressure is up to 6 MPa.
  • Oil-free screw-type compressors (single-stage/two-stage, tandem and multistage). Capacity is up to 70 000 m3/h. Discharge pressure is up to 3 MPa.
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Air blowers and gas blowers

Воздуходувки и газодувки
Воздуходувки и газодувки

Field of application:

  • Air supply in furnace, flowing furnaces and reactors.
  • Gas blowers for furnace/flue gases
  • Furnace/flue gas desulphurization
  • And etc.

Operational capabilities:

  • Capacity is up to 280 000 m3/h
  • Static pressure is up to 0.7 MPa.
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Компания Miyawaki

More than 80 years Experience, Technology and Quality

The company MIYAWAKI has more than a 80 year history as one of the leading steam trap manufacturers in Japan. MIYAWAKI is the number one supplier of steam traps for oil refineries and chemical plants in Japan. It is the world leader in the production of temperature control steam traps, the most effective steam traps for steam tracing and steam main lines in the sense of energy conservation.

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Thermostatic Steam traps


Конденсатоотводчики Miyawaki серии TB

Temperature Control Steam Traps are bimetallic steam traps which do not follow the steam saturation curve. The discharge temperature can be adjusted manually, which allow these steam traps to adopt to a wide range of applications, where optional undercooling is possible and where sensible heat savings and flash steam reduction are desirable.

These steam traps are perfectly fitted for reducing the steam consumption at steam main and steam tracing lines thus guaranteeing a high degree of energy savings.

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Thermodynamic Steam traps


Термодинамические конденсатоотводчики Miyawaki

Steam main drips, heat exchangers and all other applications in the petrochemical, food, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries where the condensate must be removed quickly.


Конденсатоотводчики Miyawaki серии SThermodynamic disc steam traps discharge condensate at the temperature close to the saturation temperature. The traps may operate until a back pressure of 80% of the inlet pressure but for smooth operation it is recommended that the back pressure does not exceed 50% of the inlet pressure.
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Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Конденсатоотводчики с опрокинутым поплавком

Inverted Bucket Steam Traps belong to the family of mechanical traps. They operate on the difference in density between steam and water.

MIYAWAKI offers a very wide range of inverted bucket steam traps for small up to large condensate loads. Inverted bucket steam traps discharge the condensate intermittently.

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Ball float steam traps

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T-series Sight Glasses

Смотровые стекла Miyawaki конденсатоотводчики


to check the operation of steam traps or other valves.

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Y-series Strainers

Грязеуловители Miyawaki серии Y


All steam and water lines

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Pressure reducing valves

Редукционные клапаны для пара

MIYAWAKI’s RE-series pressure reducing valves are designed only for steam.

MIYAWAKI offers the following series:

  • Direct acting pressure reducing valves серии RE1, RE2 and REC1
  • Pilot operated pressure reducing valves RE3 and RE10N

Application: food, textile and pharmaceutical industries and also in laundries, hospitals and etc.

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Steam trap Management System Dr. Trap Jr.

The regular check of steam traps is a guarantee of steam loss prevention in steam and condensate system and thus a guarantee for long term energy saving. MIYAWAKI offers a device for checking the steam traps and diagnostics system software in the Russian language.

System "Dr. Trap Jr." Consists of:

The program evaluates the vibration level of examined steam traps and identifies its condition. It evaluates steam leaks and calculates steam loss and the monetary loss. The software displays a defective trap list by types and manufacturers.

The program includes steam traps of all main steam traps manufacturers in the world. The list of types and manufacturers can be easily expanded.

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Self-Closing and Centering Valve – System

MIYAWAKI’s internationally patented SCCV-System has proven its high reliability and effectiveness during almost three decades. Many thousands of steam traps equipped with this technology have proven enormous advantages for our customers:

  • A sustainability longer life compared with other steam traps.
  • No partial or one-sided precipitate wear of valve and seat
  • Greatly reduced wear of all internal parts due to the reduction of the closing forces required to maintain a seal.
  • No steam loss for all temperature control steam traps.
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For oil-and-gas industry


Argus Machine Co. Ltd. was established in Canada in 1958 and is engaged in design, production and maintenance of equipment for oil and gas industry. One of the most important areas of its activity is pigging of oil- and gas pipelines. Argus produces the most advanced pigging systems and has various technical solutions; more than 10 patents were obtained such as the international patent for pig launching/receiving valve. This technology has been successfully used on many oil-and-gas production enterprises providing a great benefit.

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For metallurgy industry

Butterfly valves and Louver dampers

  • Design with single or several plates;
  • Parallel of back acting plates;
  • Disc eccentric or concentric connection with shaft;
  • Shaft end self-adjusting seals;
  • Various designs are available depending on requirements of specific project;
  • Stress-free thermal expansion is considered in the design.
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For petrochemical industry

VTO offers the supply of:

  • Ball valves
  • Gate valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Check valves
  • Globe valves
  • High pressure globe valves
  • Filters
  • Flanges
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Pipes and pipe details

Our specialization is seamless pipes of huge diameters for high temperatures and high pressure conditions.

Трубная продукция и трубодетали

  • Pipes for acid media operation
  • Seamless pipes with a high resistance for deformation
  • Pipes made of cold-resistant steels
  • Piping for oil and gas exploitation and production
  • Reducing pipes
  • Steel T-joints
  • Elbow bends
  • Cracking pipes: DN 4 – 550mm.Wall thickness 0,5 – 30mm. GOST 550-75, TR 14-3р-62-2002.
  • Steel 15Х5М;
  • Seamless stainless pipes: DN 0,6-820mm in accordance with GOST R.
  • Electric welded stainless pipes: DN 6 – 3000mm. Steels AISI 304, AISI 304L,AISI 321, AISI 316, AISI 316Ti, AISI 316L, AISI 314, DIN 17456;
  • Seamless pipes made of carbon and alloyed steels: DN 20 – 1500mm, wall thickness – 0,5 – 270mm;
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The permanent increase of cost for raw materials and its processing in the first half of the 70s and increased focus on ecology issues and environmental pollution prompted oil companies to adopt and utilize increasingly effective technologies.

One of such most important technology was adopted by VACONO company that significantly reduced evaporation of liquids in tanks.

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Casing head

Our company specializes in supplies of high quality casing heads.

Casing head consists of:

  • casing head,
  • casing hanger,
  • valves,
  • other equipment and tools.

Casing heads meet the requirements of seal annular space between casing hanger and column, requirements of column mounting, and is corrosion resistant when using in different types of environment.

Колонная головка
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Tubing head

Our company supplies pipe crosses, hangers and tubing hangers for operation in harsh environments and under high pressure, which are performed in accordance with API 6A.

Seal type of tube hangers: rubber seal, rubber+metal, metal+metal.

Maximum working pressure: 20,000 PSI Reliable secondary seal type "Y".

Providing equipment with different seals according to customer requirements, including control of the pipeline and sealing techniques for the well.

Трубная головка

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X-mas tree valves

X-mas tree valves

Our partners have a long history, rich experience and reliable quality assurance system in the manufacturing of x-mas tree and wellhead equipment according to API 6A, NACE MR-0175. Products meet the requirements of onshore and offshore operation in different conditions.


  • Design and manufacturing are carried out in accordance with the standards of API Spec 6A, NACE MR-0175
  • Efficient design and reliable performance
  • Working pressure class: 35 MPa, 70 MPa, 105 MPa
  • Fully metal seals for tube hangers and x-Mas tree are available
  • Flange connection
  • Replaceable "VR" thread
  • Different sizes of tubing hangers fulfill different requirements of well completions
  • Equipped with check valve and lubricator
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Systems (BOP)


Противовыбросовое оборудование превенторы и диверторы

Well control equipment is mainly applied in operations of drilling, work-over and well testing etc. to control wellhead pressure, prevent the occurrence of blowout accidents and secure drilling operations.

Several BOP Stacks are available with various bore size from 7.1/16" to 21.1/4" and working pressure ranking from 14MPa to 105MPa.

F105 series BOP stacks with rated working pressure of 15000psi can serve for deep wells, ultra deep wells and high pressure oil and gas wells.

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Sulphur trap

Industrial (above ground) sulphur traps with patented buoyed trap

Sulphur traps are designed to replace standard (subsurface) sluice valves on sulphur production units.

A typical sulphur trap may be a 3x4 m hole approximately 3 m depth with hydro- and thermal insulation where sulphur is drained off from the process and further fed by the pump to storage area. Or it may be a “bonnet” with subsurface installation. Such equipment is expensive to assemble and install as well as inconvenient in service.

Промышленные (надземные) серозатворы
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Gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers

Разборные пластинчатые теплообменники

  • Unique patented Ultraflex plate design enables to achieve a full compliance with the specific task
  • Plate materials are stainless steel, titanium, nickel and various alloys
  • Seal materials are nitrile, EPDM, HNBR, Viton and other materials in exact accordance with media and temperatures
  • Design pressure from vacuum up to 25 bar
  • Design temperature from -30 ºC up to +180 ºC
  • Flow rate up to 5000 m3/h
  • Connecting dimensions from DN 25 (1”) up to DN 500 (20”)
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Plate heat exchanger capacity

Tranter produces
Tranter produces
Tranter produces

Tranter produces the whole range of different type welded heat exchanger:

  • Plates made of stainless steel, titanium, AL6XN, Hastelloy C-276 and other
  • Maximum design pressure 120 bar, maximum rated temperature 900ºC

Plate heat exchanger capacity

  • Cost-effective alternative to shell-and-tube heat exchangers in heavy duty operations
  • High thermal effectiveness with 30-50% of footprint area of equivalent shell-and-tube heat exchangers
  • Minimum maintenance
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Spiral heat exchangers

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