Поворотные затворы футерованные бетоном
Concrete lined butterfly valves. Gas temperature up to 1000°С. Rated diameter up to 4000 mm.
Жалюзийные затворы
Louver damper 4400×4000 mm.
Designed for chemically aggressive gas – Stainless Steel.
Used for control.
Actuator – pneumatic, electric or hydraulic.


Lever-operated butterfly valve are used for gas line shut-off. Leaktight integrity — 100%.

High degree of leaktight integrity is achieved due to ring sealing element that supports the disk under the weight of main levers upon valve shut-off. Upon valve opening the disk moves away from the seal along the axis, then it turns under the weight of levers until it reaches a position parallel to pipeline axis. Such operation does not wear off the seal. Lever operated butterfly valves can be driven by any type actuator. Together with counterweight or springs they can be used as emergency valves.

Lever-operated butterfly valve is used as safety device for gas supply shortage. Upon pressure loss the valve shuts off the gas line for 5 seconds without using external energy with the help of counterweight.

The valve opens hydraulically.

Рычажные дисковые затворы

Gate valve


blind valve

Жалюзийный затвор
DN, mm up to 4000
PN, kg/cm up to 10
Т, °С up to 700


  • Gas tightness up to 100%, air seal
  • Excellent regulating properties
  • With electric or pneumatic actuator
  • Vibration resistance
  • optional: failure reliability

Butterfly valve

Поворотный затвор
DN, mm up to 4000
PN, kg/cm up to 10
Т, °С up to 2000


  • Valves type BD / LD are used for effective shut off or control of gas media.


Goggle valve

Задвижка очковая
Nominal diameter, mm up to 4000
Operating temperature, °С up to 1100
Medium Flue gas, burner gas and other gases

Goggle valves are designed and manufactured for complete 100% and safe isolation of gas pipelines at metallurgical facilities, chemical companies, gas plants and other industrial facilities. The valves undergo inspection, tests and certification in accordance with API 598 standard (American Petroleum Institute).


Goggle valves are suitable for different application conditions (from clean gas at ambient temperature to contaminated aggressive gas at high temperature) and can have open or closed design (with safety guard or without it).

The valve is manufactured in compliance with the strictest requirements which results in product of high quality. The valve has solid welded steel design. The self-contained unit does not require additional support besides the one required for main pipeline support.

The valve consists of three main components:

  • housing:  has flanges for erection inside gas pipeline; contains replaceable ring seal;
  • Press plate:  one end forms ring seal the other end includes embedded compensator;
  • Goggle plate:  has replaceable seals, can freely rotate or move linearly when the seats separate.

Задвижка очковая

Goggle valve

Очковая изолирующая задвижка для доменного газа

Очковая изолирующая задвижка, Ду 2200 мм, для доменного газа. Уплотнительная рама имеет гидравлическое управление.

Очковая изолирующая задвижка, Ду 3000 мм

Goggle isolating valve, DN 2200 mm, for blast furnace gas. Sealing frame has hydraulic control.

Очковые задвижки, Ду 500 мм

Goggle valves, DN 500 mm, without guard. Controlled by pneumatic drive.

Серповидная изолирующая задвижка, Ду 3000 мм

Sickle isolating damper, DN 3000 mm, with hydraulic drive, serves as the main blind upstream blast furnace gas boiler.