The permanent increase of cost for raw materials and its processing in the first half of the 70s and increased focus on ecology issues and environmental pollution prompted oil companies to adopt and utilize increasingly effective technologies.

One of such most important technology was adopted by VACONO company that significantly reduced evaporation of liquids in tanks.

According to API data (American Petroleum Institute) for the last 30 years VACONO has installed more than 5000 units of products all over the world that ensured annualized savings of more than 500 000 m3 of potentially evaporable products.

The first aluminum dome roofs were designed in 1975 by Aluminium Rheinfelden, a new independent commercial division of VACONO which was established in Germany in 1898 as a subdivision of Alusuisse Group — the first private aluminum manufacturer in Europe. In 2004 VACONO became a completely independent private company.

The first dome roof was built in Germany by Carl Zeiss Jena in 1923. That enabled VACONO took the leading positions in the world market of design and engineering of the wide range of innovative, ecologically clean and cost-effective tank equipment for any media.

VTO is an official representative of VACONO (Germany) in Russia— a leading global pontoon and light aluminum dome roof producer.

The technical solutions of VACONO for evaporation control successfully help our clients on industrial enterprises of the whole world to save and make an additional profit. The experience of VACONO design adoption on enterprises of chemical and oil-refining industry showed a high effectiveness and operation reliability.

The estimated payback time is from 8 to 16 months depending on regional tank location and products contained in them.

If you require guaranteed quality, reliable, high technology certified products with a high safety margin for the severest service conditions the engineers from VTO will be pleased to consult you concerning the issue of selection of VACONO equipment.

Our company performs delivery, customs clearance, supervising installation, warranty and service maintenance of VACONO equipment, spare parts delivery.

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