Industrial (above ground) sulphur traps with patented buoyed trap

Sulphur traps are designed to replace standard (subsurface) sluice valves on sulphur production units.

A typical sulphur trap may be a 3x4 m hole approximately 3 m depth with hydro- and thermal insulation where sulphur is drained off from the process and further fed by the pump to storage area. Or it may be a “bonnet” with subsurface installation. Such equipment is expensive to assemble and install as well as inconvenient in service.

Our company offers an alternative to traditional sulphur traps in the form of above ground industrial sulphur traps with buoyed trap. Sulphur traps are designed to replace standard (subsurface) sluice valves on sulphur production units. Industrial (above ground) sulphur traps advantage over sluice valves:

  1. Easy maintainable:
    • Traditional sluice valves aren’t usually maintained within a long period of time. Hydraulic tubes are located below the ground at a depth up to 10 meters. When one of the tubes gets clogged up, leaks or has any other malfunction it’s rather challenging to fix it. The solution in this case would be to use a crane and dismantle the tube from casing. Before doing that it is required to shut down sulphur production unit. This may lead to decrease in gas/oil production. Resulting losses from one time production decrease are greater than purchase and installation of sulphur trap;
    • Sulphur traps can be serviced without disconnection from pipeline. Maintenance procedure is so simple that by closing inlet valve service personnel can clean internal suction device within five minutes. Solid block location on the ground makes it maintenance easy;
    • Sulphur trap has internal flowmeter therefor service personnel can measure unit operation.
  2. Safety:
    • Operator only needs to shut off the inlet valve, discharge sulphur trap and then open and clean the internal device;
    • Traditional sulphur trap design requires inlet valve closing, removal of upper flanges and detachment of long tube through which sulphur is fed. While performing these works personnel may suffer burns and grievous harm to health. Sulphur trap protects against such negative consequences.
  3. Ease of installation:
    • Sulphur trap installation is much more cheaper than installation of heavy subsurface sluice valves that require preliminary excavation works, casing installation and further erection of sluice valves system;
    • Above ground installation does not require any preliminary excavation works.

Please fill in the questionnaire for your sulphur production unit and we will help you to choose suitable type of sulphur trap.